About Kerri

Hey there, I'm Kerri


About Kerri

Hey there, I'm Kerri

Are you ready to live your most amazing life? Of course you are! Then keep on reading…

I want to inspire every single woman on this planet to live her most extraordinary life.

My name is Kerri Healy and I’m a successful coach for fabulous entrepreneurial females who want to get more from their life.

I’m excited to help you create the business and the life you’ve always wanted. I’m here to help you make money pursuing your dreams instead of someone else’s.

I want to help you attain your desires, be ridiculously happy, have consistent high-income months that enable you to fund your ultimate life ambitions, and live the life of your dreams on your terms.

I get that you might be feeling a little lost, stuck and confused in your life and in your business. You’re scared you’ll make the wrong choices, do the wrong thing and end up having regrets later.

I completely understand your fears and worries. I’ve been there too and I truly believe that puts me in the very best place to help you. Here’s my story…

Even as a child I knew I was meant to do big, exciting things in life. As a child I was a successful competitive gymnast, which allowed me to travel around my native Australia attending competitions. This seriously ignited my love for travel and adventure, and at the age of 19 I knew I was ready to explore beyond my continent.  

I packed my bags and flew alone to the USA & the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado where I worked in the ski fields. Not only was I seeing snow for the first time (!), but I was 100% alone and taking a big leap of faith by flying across the world to chase my dreams & a lifestyle I knew I wanted.

I loved this experience so much that I continued to do this during each of my summer holidays whilst studying to become a teacher. Working in a different capacity each time meant that I was able to gain valuable experience in different sectors, expand my knowledge and network with some interesting and entrepreneurial people. This was undoubtedly the start of my entrepreneurial mindset.

I pursued teaching for the next 8 years, so guiding people and imparting my wisdom has always been a part of me. But all the time I knew I was meant for way bigger things than teaching children in a classroom. 

Life didn’t exactly go according to plan and a number of years ago I was more than 400k in debt. I sold everything I owned and took a job that left me slogging away doing 12 hour shifts in a job that didn’t inspire me in order to pay the bills and this ginormous and incredibly scary debt.

I ended up in this debt from various business ventures, personal development courses and just generally trying to do everything on my own. I knew I wanted big things but I wasn’t sure how to get there and so I wasted so much time trying to piece it all together myself.

Looking back now I know beyond doubt that I should have just hired a coach or mentor – someone who could help me along the way. I needed the guidance of someone to help craft a plan designed exactly for me in alliance with my dreams, my goals and my desires.

When I was snowed under with debt I struggled to find a way out, but I always kept the belief that I was meant for big things in life. This enabled me to turn things around and I began working online and building business, which eventually allowed me to leave that crummy job and pursue the things I knew I was capable of.

I learned so much on my journey of business and travel and want to share the things I’ve learnt with women just like me. Young, entrepreneurial females who want to pursue their big dreams, continue to up level their life, Make extraordinary money being financially savvy, learn more about themselves and help to inspire others in their quest to live an extraordinary life. Those who want to live and love every second of their lives with the people around them.

Now, I truly live a life of travel and I’ve spent periods of time living in many countries across the world. I’ve been neighbours with the Queen in London, lived on and explored the rolling hills of grapes and olives across Europe, woken up every day to spectacular beach sunsets in Spain and so much more.

I travel the world together with my loving partner and our two-year-old son. The freedom of working with my clients online from all over the world allows me to spend quality time with them every single day and that’s one of the best things about this life that I’m so in love with.

Every day I work with entrepreneurs – both established and aspiring – who dream big and want a life and business that is something truly extraordinary.

Every day I feel excited and grateful to work with passionate women who share my values for living adventurously, being happy and healthy, travelling the world and living life on their own terms.

My dreams have come true right before my eyes and yours can too! If I can do it, then you sure as hell can too!

So, whether you already have a business that you want to grow, or you’re not quite sure where to begin, I’m here to help you create all of the things you’ve always wanted.

It’s your time to shine ladies and let the world see your unique gifts and talents!